Reflecting on 18

I am now 19. Yesterday was my 19th birthday and I had the most incredible day but now I’m sitting down, writing this blog and reflecting on being 18. 18 was a year of work. I started my first full time job a couple of days after my 18th birthday, when I first started I … More Reflecting on 18

Please vote

This is not a blog where I tell you who I’m Voting for and try to persuade you to vote for them too. I feel very strongly about my political views however what I feel more strongly about is that you vote. Vote for conservative, vote for labour, vote for UKIP, vote for lib dems. … More Please vote

The Manchester attack

22/05/17, the Manchester attack, where people went to a concert. Among these people were, parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, peers, these were real innocent people. 22 people killed, 59 injured and an uncountable amount traumatised. An 8 year old was killed, an innocent 8 year old who went to listen to one of … More The Manchester attack