An Andover night out 

The typical Andover night out starts with pre drinks at the biggest alcoholic of the groups house because you already know you’re gonna turn up and they’re gonna hand you a quadruple vodka and Coke and a shot of some description. You spend the majority of the pre drinks either moaning about how bad you … More An Andover night out 

Reflecting on 18

I am now 19. Yesterday was my 19th birthday and I had the most incredible day but now I’m sitting down, writing this blog and reflecting on being 18. 18 was a year of work. I started my first full time job a couple of days after my 18th birthday, when I first started I … More Reflecting on 18

Please vote

This is not a blog where I tell you who I’m Voting for and try to persuade you to vote for them too. I feel very strongly about my political views however what I feel more strongly about is that you vote. Vote for conservative, vote for labour, vote for UKIP, vote for lib dems. … More Please vote