On this blog I have talked about my sexual abuse. This is another blog about that. At times the worst part of sexual abuse isn’t the act of it. Sometimes it’s the nightmares you have years after about it. I was abused when I was 13, I’m 19 now, it’s been 6 years and last … More Nightmares

What I wished for

I have had relationships that lasted a matter of months, I’ve had flings that have lasted a matter of days. I loved some, hated others, and every time each ended I’d tell my friends the same things: I don’t want someone from my town anymore I want someone who I can have fun with I … More What I wished for


We all know I’m gay and love talking about it way too much, but this year I need it to be different. I want this to be the gayest fucking year of my life. A year ago if I said to myself I need this to be the gayest year of my life my brain … More TwentyGayTeen