The signs described as people I personally know

                                                           Aries- My sister

Image result for AriesIsolated. Some of these isolation problems are caused by themselves and others are no fault of their own. They want to care and want to show that they care but can struggle with this and sometimes a compliment from an Aries is hidden behind a backhanded comment. Beautiful, Independent. They never relied on anyone in any aspect, never needed help for difficult situations, works very hard for their money. Doesn’t like to tell others their problems and instead hides away.


                                                             Taurus- An ex

Image result for taurusVery much an introvert, loves their friends but much prefers their alone time spent in their room, spent drinking a hot drink, spent listening to music. Taurus didn’t like people knowing about their life apart from their very close friends and even then they would know very little, they were not the type to shout out how they felt, I never quite knew if Taurus loved herself or not. Taurus needs time and patience, so be patient with a Taurus.


                                                          Gemini- An old school friend

Related imageI fell in love with the personality of Gemini, Gemini was the perfect mix between popular but not too popular, the person who everyone liked and no one seemed to have a problem with because Gemini was accepting and even my 11 year old self could value that acceptance from such a young age. Gemini was always there, to listen, to accept and offer great advice.


                                                                   Cancer- An old crush

Image result for cancer zodiacNeeded acceptance. Cancer seemed to struggle to be on their own, Cancer always needed someone at the end of the phone, someone to call them beautiful, Cancer seemed to struggle to love themselves and instead searched for that love from others. But Cancer was driven and Cancer had goals that they wanted and will achieve because they work hard, and they will not stop until they have crossed that line and have achieved everything they wanted to.


Image result for leo Leo- My brother

Leo is happy, and Leo wants to take their happiness and positivity and put that into everyone else with a continuous string of awful jokes and little laughs and constant smiles, If Leo could make you happy then that was their day complete. Leo was always good at following rules and did so very strictly, but that all seemed like part of their plan to make others happy.


Virgo- My first girlfriend

Image result for virgo symbolLong term. Virgo doesn’t want to mess around with short term flings and one night stands, Virgo wants love. Virgo is no stranger to showing their feelings and will tell everyone how they feel and why they feel that way, Virgo wants everyone to know that they found love. However, Virgo was unsure of many things, Virgo was depressed and struggled find happiness, and Virgo was not loyal, but a Virgo will make the perfect first relationship, so I thank Virgo, I learned a lot from you.

                                                     Libra- My cousin

Image result for Libra signVery argumentative but makes valid points and stands up for what they believe in, which I really admire in Libra. Libra is desirable and always seems to have someone wanting them, but Libra is always with someone and I’m undecided if that’s because she does not know how to be just Libra or if it’s because they are just wanted.


Scorpio- My Mum

Image result for scorpio symbolHilarious and such an easy person for everyone to love, but Scorpio is very reserved and bottles everything up my Nan has been telling me that my Mum (A Scorpio) has always bottled up the way she felt, never seeked out for help or advice because Scorpio would always try to resolve their own problems, and they can because they are strong, Scorpio never needed help or a person because Scorpio is incredible.


                                              Sagittarius- My other brother

Image result for sagittarius symbolAt times very angry at world, and not always has a good reason why, takes out their in bitter words and screams at their family from the top of the stairs. But Sagittarius is helpful, when their not dealing with the weight of the world on their shoulders they are loving and they want to do little chores to help. Adores their friends and will do anything for them.

                                                             Capricorn-  An old friend?

Image result for capricorn symbolLoyal, If a Capricorn is your friend just know that everything they are telling you is so true and they are so loyal to your friendship. Capricorn is easily led and will sometimes do things in order to make others happy or to make others accept them like taking a job they didn’t want or arguing about something they know nothing about.  But Capricorn grows quickly, and sometimes they have to drop friendships because they have simply grown out of them, but I believe Capricorn is just a little lost.


Aquarius- Someone I used to ‘see’

Image result for aquarius symbolSo fucking lost. So sad, so isolated, struggles to make friends however goes the complete wrong way about it, Aquarius struggled to find the different and the barrier between friend and something more. Aquarius was not happy with any aspect of their life however couldn’t find the motivation to make a change and do things differently. Aquarius, I hope you’re different now, Aquarius I hope you’re happy now.

 Pisces- My Nan

Image result for pisces signPisces has been through a lot, however Pisces puts all their energy into ensuring that you are okay and your problems come before theirs because they love their friends and their family and that is their way of showing it. Pisces is understanding and easy to talk to and you can find a lot of trust in Pisces.


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