Please vote

This is not a blog where I tell you who I’m
Voting for and try to persuade you to vote for them too.

I feel very strongly about my political views however what I feel more strongly about is that you vote.

Vote for conservative, vote for labour, vote for UKIP, vote for lib dems. Vote for whoever you feel would be better off for us.

A lot of people I know don’t vote and that actually makes me so angry, especially when it’s women. I know you hear this all the time but women died for our right to vote.

And now it’s 2017 and more people don’t vote because they feel like they’re vote won’t matter than the actual amount of people who do vote. If even half of the people who don’t vote just voted out of the very little information they do know it would make such an impact on the results.

Guys this is so important, it’s Thursday the 8th of June, polling stations are open till 10pm.

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to walk to your local polling station, putting s cross in a box takes 2 seconds and that 2 seconds could seriously impact our future government.

This is so important, your vote matters

Codie xx


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