13 reasons why the show is a piece of shit

13 reasons why is the new show on Netflix, about teen suicide, Hannah Baker, a 17 year old girl who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 cassette tapes explaining 13 reasons why she killed herself.

Each tape is aimed specifically at one person and what they did to make Hannah kill herself. Some reasons are because, a picture of herself got sent around school, she kissed a girl and someone took a picture of it, she was raped and because someone posted a poem that Hannah had wrote in the school magazine.

Here are 13 reasons why, the show is a complete heap of shit

  1. A love interest can not cure depression. 

Clay (another character) thought that Hannah killed herself because ‘He was afraid to love her’. I have a whole blog about how a relationship will not cure depression, that having someone to call a girlfriend/boyfriend will mean that you don’t have to take antidepressants anymore, no petty little teen relationship is going to cure depression.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 1

2. You should get professional help!

There is an episode about the school counsellor, how he did not support Hannah enough and because of that she killed herself the same day as talking to him. But please if you are depressed and suicidal you should reach out and get support. This episode annoyed me so much because it made it seem as if professionals are irrelevant and they will not support you, but I promise you, go to the doctor, talk to your teachers, see the school counsellor and they will do their best to support you don’t let this episode make you think otherwise.

3. It makes suicide seem pathetic

The show makes suicide look silly, it makes it look like a instant result of bullying, rape, sexual assault. Suicide is so complex and is such a long draining emotional journey to battle but at times the show seemed like, ‘I was bullied, So I killed myself’. It made it seem like loosing a life was nothing, it made it seem easy.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 3

4. Blaming

Hannah blames everyone else for her suicide, and I fully understand that bullying and rape and loneliness are factors that go towards someones mindset when thinking about killing themselves. But the decision to kill herself, was made by herself.

5. It seems dramatic

There are many teens who have mental illnesses, 9 times out of 10 suicide is done because of mental illness, there was never any discussion of Hannah having a mental illness, like depression was a dirty word, in all honesty I couldn’t watch the show for a while because I found Hannah annoying, and I am not the only who thinks that and thinks that she seems like an attention seeker because of the way the show was done.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 5

6. The show is so triggering

They literally show her killing herself, bleeding out in the bathroom, I could not watch the suicide scene because I just didn’t think it would be so graphic, I could not watch the rape scene. It is so triggering for people who have a mental illness, who are depressed, who are suicidal, who have been raped, who have been abused I just didn’t understand why it had to be so so graphic.

7. It makes it seem like suicide is revenge

The whole thing of the show is, Hannah killed herself, she had 13 specific reason for this, that were thought that were studied, pulled apart then put on a tape for everyone to hear, to say to everyone ‘hey, this person killed me, make them feel awful’. The whole thing is, you did this to me, so I will leave behind these tapes for everyone to find so everyone knows you are a bad person. SUICIDE IS NOT A FORM OF BITTER REVENGE.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 2

8. You are not responsible for someones death

Clay was made out to be this awful person, because of what? Clay did not do anything wrong? Because he was ‘Afraid to love her’. I think that’s where the series shows immaturity, to put this fake idea in peoples heads that if they love someone they can cure their suicidal thoughts, Its a pile of shit. Clay, Alex, Jessica, Marcus none of them were responsible for her death my god yes some of them did awful things, but even so they are not responsible for her death.

9. Did anyone else think sometimes they were just being teens?

This one may just be me, obviously some of the things that happened to Hannah were disgusting. But guys, one of the reasons she killed herself was because a picture of herself got sent round, when I was at school so many girls naked pictures got sent out, and yes it was awful and it shouldn’t have happened, but it does and they’re teenagers. People make mistakes, but were also just kids.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 4

10. It was like a ‘how to’

The show at time came across as a list of instructions, this is how you can make everyone regret what they’ve done, this is how you can make them feel awful about it, this is how you out them and this is how you can kill yourself.

11. You don’t have to die to inspire. 

You can live, you can fight through, you can cherish things in life which make everything worth while, you can support, you can pull through. Dying is not the only way to get a  message out, to spread the word, instead you can survive. Which is something not shown in 13 reasons why.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 6

12. It made me depressed

After watching 13 reasons why I had to leave my house and go for a walk, it completely sparked up my depression and seeing someone self harm, so graphically made me want to do it again. It’s been a couple of months since I relapsed and I was not going to do it again because of a show. And I am 18, I have learnt how to control my depression and my sad moods, but someone younger, more vulnerable may not have the same control I do, and I worry for my younger siblings who may see this show and then self harm, who may go into the bathroom and slice open their wrists just like she did, copying Hannah’s every move.

13. It could have been such a great show for awareness

It was a missed opportunity, this could have been a show that in a few years we play in school classes that we have an open discussion about suicide, rape, abuse, bullying. But I believe the show was just so poorly done. I really hope someone comes along and makes a better version of 13 reasons why.

13 reasons why is a piece of shit 7

At times I felt like the show was an insult and I took a lot of it very personally.

If you ever need help please reach out to the correct people, I promise you they will do their best.

Codie xx



8 thoughts on “13 reasons why the show is a piece of shit

  1. I couldn’t disagree with you more. It’s a shame that you have misunderstood the show. You’re only 18 and now I am starting to worry about younger teens watching 13 reasons why. Maybe it should have been addressed to an older audience.
    Furthermore, all of the reasons you’ve presented are quite opposite in reality. This series wasn’t made to inspire people, it’s to show someone who has made a terrible mistake and how it effected their family and friends. Hannah was no hero, she was somebody who needed help.
    In life suicidle people don’t go around asking for help. They often don’t leave messages.
    There is so much more I’d like to say but it seems pointless as it probably wouldn’t change your mind, but one last thing, Netflix, rather helpfully, put warning informations before every graphic episode so you don’t need to watch if you don’t feel like you can handle it.
    Okay I lied, there is another thing, I recommend watching the additional episode in which members of the cast talk about the idea for the show. Maybe that would make you rethink and look at the show from a different perspective.


    1. He didn’t “misunderstand” the show, the show failed to get it’s supposed point across. What the producers supposedly seemed to accomplish was not accomplished. Multiple mental health experts have talked about how damaging the show is and how much it romatisicez suicide and midcharacterizes it (most suicides are a result of chronic mental illness, not bullying, look it up.) Also as someone who has contemplated suicide and has suffered from depression, this show is downright fucking insulting and unrealistic.


  2. You really missed the mark here. Her rape was the threshold for her suicide. Her speaking with the school chancellor was her attempt to seek help. Also, the school chancellor not being of much help isn’t representative of the competence that professionals have. The whole idea is that the school was “fucked”. The students are selfish and heartless, and the unhelpful chancellor supports that. The bullying, losing her parents money and the rest of her drama is what drove her to depression. The rape is what pushed her. The tapes were recorded after she was raped. By that point she already decided she was going to kill herself. Let’s make it clear that she didn’t kill herself to teach anyone a lesson. She was depressed and was driven to her suicide.


  3. I’m 23 and I agree with you so much, even my 26 year old brother says this show is plain wrong. However, I don’t think it should be a matter of age but a matter of having common sense, and what’s the message that the show is projecting, and this one projected a very shitty one. It’s a waste of production and most people are not liking it. But most of all, it makes life look like there’s no hope, and I ultimately disagree with that. Fuck that piece of crap.


  4. This is the best best bestest article I’ve read so far about the show! I second every single thing you wrote. The show is such a piece of shit I can’t explain in words (but you did). The suicide and rape scenes were so disgusting and pathetic that I couldn’t sleep that night. Also this fucking serial ACTUALLY encouraged me to go forehead and KILL MYSELF. I have been in depression since last 2 years and am having suicidal tendencies since then and this garbage show only rekindled my desire to KILL MYSELF. This show shows suicide as an excellent revenge , as something stress releasing and as something that can show your WORTH ! YES YOUR FUCKING WORTH TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON!
    Something more disheartening that happened is that my cousin’s friend ACTUALLY COMMITTED SUICIDE AFTER WATCHING THIS LOAD OF CRAP! May that sweetheart’s soul RESTS IN PEACE.


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