My worst date ever

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I am very sorry if the guy I’m writing this about is reading this, I’m sure you’re lovely, just not for me.

Okay so I have only ever been on one date with a guy and it was dreadful.

So we met on tinder just like I meet all the people I talk to, He seemed so nice and easy to talk to and I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try to date a guy and see how it goes and see if it was something that actually worked for me.

He drove to my house and I met him at the bottom of my road, he came inside my house to leave some stuff while we went out, and my sister was so eyeballing him, she was more interested in him than I was.

We then walked to town so we could have a chance to chat before we sat down to watch a movie which was our original plan. We walked for about half an hour before getting to the cinema, we went to buy our tickets and the whole place was full of middle aged woman who had already got all the tickets.

My worst date ever 1

So we decided we would go to spoons to get a drink, we got our drinks and then we sat down and started properly chatting again.

He spent the majority of the night talking about this girl he liked, how they had been on a few dates but they had an argument and that’s why he was on tinder again, basically looking for a rebound.

He was showing me pictures of this girl, telling me how lovely she is and all the reasons he liked her and how lovely it was when they walked to the cathedral together and they took selfies together.

All I could think was, If you are so into her, why are you here with me.

After a while I got bored of this conversation all about her and I suggested ending the date there, he had to walk back to mine because he had parked near my house and some of his stuff was at my house.

That’s when he told me, bare in mind I am 5ft fucking 9, that his type is short girls.

When he asked me what my type was I replied, ‘girls’. But then his typical straight white male brain thought it was okay to ask me all these questions about my sex life with girls and all the stuff I have done with girls. I understand if you are really into someone and sex is on the cards you might drift off into a conversation about sex, but I was not into him and he obviously was not into me.

He text me to say that he got home but we have not spoke since then.

Honestly the best part of the night was that I got to drink a sex on the beach.

Codie xx



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