My first time in a gay club

My first time in a gay club was last November, I live in a small town with only 2 small clubs so me and my friend went Bournemouth and there is two gay clubs there.

It wasn’t our plan to spend our whole night in gay clubs but in all honesty, I had not long been single and I wanted to be surrounded by other gay people and experience it all.

We went to the first club and we got there pretty early so it was completely dead, for some reason I thought the club would be filled with people like me, people my age who looked kind of like me. But instead it had 2 older men sat at a bar and that was it.

However it was pretty cool to be able to spend time looking around before everyone got there, there was a stripper pole and me and my friend swinging on that before anyone could see us was so great and so funny.

My first time in a gay club 1

We went up the toilets and there was a guy cleaning them who told us he was a drag queen (he was out of drag) and he started singing to us and I swear to god I nearly cried it was so incredible.

We stayed there for a little while longer and that when I saw a drag queen at the bar serving, anyone who knows me well enough knows I am obsessed with drag queens and my god it was like ticking something off my bucket list. She was so beautiful and she was behind the bar dancing with the other bar staff just having a fun time which was probably the safest place for a drag queen to do so.

My first time in a gay club 4

We then met some people in this club who lived in Bournemouth, they told us that it is always pretty dead at this time, so they showed us this other gay club up the road and it was even better, it was full, it was modern music, it was people our age.

The vibe was just so good and everyone was laughing and having a good time, people were climbing up the walls and swinging off the bars on the roof and no one cared, it wasn’t like the clubs round here where you’d probably get banned for a year.

My first time in a gay club 3

I met some crazy people, like honestly stories I never expected to hear. There was a woman in her late 20’s who started talking to me and my friend and honestly I was into it so I started chatting to her, until she introduced me to her girlfriend. BUT THAT’S NOT IT. She then carried on to tell me that she was married to a guy and had a child with him. But alongside this husband and girlfriend, she also had a boyfriend! and they all knew about each other and they were all totally okay with it.

We stayed in this club until it closed, so we went back to the other gay club. But we stayed there all of 5 minutes because the place stunk of drugs, I had heard before that Bournemouth had a drug problem but my god it was awful. There was a woman completely off her face who kept talking to me and my friend, and she kept repeating the same line, kept stroking us and grabbing us and gurning. Me and my friend are not into drugs so we got out of there as quick as we could.

My first time in a gay club 2

I wish the end vibe wasn’t like that, because apart from that I had the best night ever and I could have asked for a better first experience in a gay club.

Codie xx


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