When you first turn 18

This is not for every person out there ever. This is more of a, what happened to me and my friends when we turned 18 and the experiences we went through.

So my 18th birthday I spent sat in a pub with some of my closest friends from work, I was so excited to use my ID for the first time, I went up to buy a classic sex on the beach, and I didn’t get Id’d, I was upset about it to be honest.


I spent the whole night drinking too much, smoking too much, bitching about people I didn’t like, I remember we went to the shop to buy some alcohol and I was on the floor outside the shop trying my hardest not to pass out, smoking another cigarette to wake me up.


After that we went to another pub, and the second I sat down I passed out which felt for hours, when I could finally find some strength to lift my head up I said I’m going home and my friends called  my step dad for me to pick me up, I stood up walked about 10 steps and I threw up everywhere, In true 18th birthday style.

As many of you know just after I turned 18 my ex broke up with me because she had cheated on me twice, because of this and because I had just turned 18 for around 4 months I was going out into town every Friday and Saturday.

I would spend 80% of my monthly wages on, alcohol, cigarettes, entry fees, taxi’s and late night cheesy chips. My whole life was just working to drink.


I have made some incredible memories when I’ve been drunk but also I’ve been so so so vulnerable, one night I passed out on the toilet in a night club for 40 minutes and my friends left me, another night I got kicked out of a night club because I was too drunk, I have been so drunk that I have thrown up outside the job centre (In true Andover style) I have passed out in multiple taxis, and I have passed out outside Chick O’ Land way too many times to count.


And the thing was, where I had just become single I was kissing and dancing with everyone, and then just leaving them, and one night one guy literally followed me into every club I went to, tried to dance with me, text me constantly asking where I am and that he could see me, luckily this was one night where I wasn’t so vulnerable and I could handle it, but what if I was, what if I was passed out and he saw me.


When you first turn 18 you will drink £1 shots like they’re water

When you first turn 18 you will smoke until you sound like someone who smokes 40 a day

When you first turn 18 your diet will consist of cheesy chips, chicken nuggets and kebabs

When you first turn 18 you are going to kiss people and not know their name

When you first turn 18 you are going to have no money

When you first turn 18 there are going to be nights where you don’t remember how you got home

and that is all okay

Just make sure that when you first turn 18, that you are living, that you are happy, that you are safe


Codie xx


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