My vaping experience

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16, I started to worry about smoking at college in case they told my parents so on my 17th birthday I got a vape, It was only a little £5 vape off the market.

I started smoking cigarettes less and vaping more so I started to buy more expensive vapes that would last longer, soon enough my vaping habit was more expensive that my smoking one ever was.

I would spend nearly £100 on each vape I bought and at least £10 on every vape liquid that would last me just under a week.


Vaping was so much better for my health but the cost of it was overwhelming when I was buying the more high end products.

My mum used to let me vape inside the house too so I was doing it all the time, I would sit in my room, at the table, walking to work and I would Vape all the time. I started to learn how to do vaping tricks and I would record myself doing them, I thought I was the coolest shit around.

I started reading about building your own coils because this was supposed to produce more smoke and give you better results for smoking tricks so eventually I did bumy-vaping-experience-3ild my own coil for my vape and it was so much better and produced so much more smoke.

But here’s the thing with building your own coils, they are not as safe as pre built tops. You’ve all heard the scary stories about how vapes set alight in peoples pockets and leave scars on their legs. Mine is nowhere near as serious as that and I was not hurt at all but god I was terrified.

One day I was in my room vaping and I pressed the button to take back the smoke, I started lifting the vape towards my mouth and as I pressed the button the top of my vape set on fire like a real 30 cm flame, I was so terrified and I was blowing on it to try and make the flame go out and eventually it did.

All I can think about is the horrible effect it would have had on me if I had put it in my mouth before pressing the button and how awful that would have been. Really I am so lucky that I was not hurt like a lot of people who have had accidents with vapes.

After that happened I went back to smoking cigarettes and I will never smoke a vape again.

My advice for anyone who wants is using a vape is please do not build your own coils because they are not safe and they can and most likely will set on fire and cause you some serious damage.

Stay safe kids

Codie xx



One thought on “My vaping experience

  1. I was wondering about my vape exploding aa well but I do not build my own coils and stuff. I just use a regular atomizer and mod where you add the batteries and simply push the button to heat up the atomizer. But the other day I put two batteries in and my mod got so hot I thought it was going to explode in my face. It was really scary so I took the batteries out and noticed the casings were all melted around the batteries. Do you think that these simpler mods can explode too? And why do you think the batteries got so over-heated? I thought just because you are the “shit” when it comes to vaping you might know a little more than I would but if not that’s ok. Just looking for a little advice on how not to have a vaporizer explode in my face. Because I’ve heard of that happening before, scary! Anyway I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog on vaping. Either way thank you for your inspirational post. -bel


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