Tattoos 3

This is the third blog I am writing about my tattoos. On the 21st of January I got my third tattoo.

This tajanuary-2017-21ttoo cost me £70, it took about 20-30 minutes and I got it on the bottom of my leg near my ankle. I wanted it there because on my other leg I have a tattoo in the same place of a tree so I thought it would be cool to have to which are in kind of the same place.

This tattoo hurt like fuck.

I took my Nan and my auntie with me to get this tattoo and my Nan was trying to be funny and she was talking to me asking if I’m okay and I’m the sort of person who is pretty much dead silent when getting tattoos because I’m a baby and if I talk I will probably cry but my Nan thought I wasn’t going to be a whimp and instead was going to be really brave and really chatty but nah she is completely wrong.

The reason I took my Nan and my auntie with me is because for one of their Christmas presents I booked them both a tattoo, this tattoo is the same one that me and my mum got in November, the two little hearts. I thought it would be nice for our family to all have this small matching tattoo because we are such a close loving family and the tattoo represents that in a way.

Their tattoos only cost £30 each, my auntie says hers did not hurt at all (the tattoo on the wrist). My Nan was nervous to get her tattoo, i reassured her a lot that it will only take two minutes and it did. She says it only hurt in one certain place (hers is the tattoo on the back).

I imagine in a couple months I will be writing a ‘tattoos 4’ because I love them so much, Tattoos are cool and if you want to get out there and get inked.

Codie xx


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