Don’t treat me differently because I’m gay

Before I came out I was so worried that all my friends would freak out and not want to be my friend anymore because I’m gay. Luckily I had a group of friends who thought no different of me because of my sexuality and that’s exactly how it should be.

However, two years since I’ve come out I have noticed a lot of people treating me differently now because of my sexuality. For example, in nightclubs, you know how girls are with dancing with each other, everyone looks like a lesbian when they’re dancing up on their best friend but really we are just having the best time we can.

I have some friends who are so great and dance with me, one of my friends (who is straight) spent a whole night in gay clubs and danced with me and was just so great and so funny and no there was no attraction because we are best fucking friends and we just like doing a couple of shots and dancing the night away.


However a few people will not dance with me and it feels like some of them make a conscious effort to dance as far away from me as possible, and yes I think this is because of their views on my sexual orientation. I have a girlfriend guys, I’m just trying to have a fun night like you, not get in your pants.

The way some people talk to me too, sometimes I will casually bring into a conversation about my girlfriend and I can see the look in peoples faces like ‘oh god, a real life lesbian, what do I do’. Then the way they will talk to me after the conversation just sounding so wary of everything they say, I really do not get offended at much, and I doubt anything you are going to say is even offensive, you don’t need to be worried to talk to me.

You can sit next to me, you can share a room with me, you can share a bed with me. I am not a sex freak I am not going to see a girl sat next to me and just try it on with her, I’m a fucking decent human being, why would the fact that I’m gay take away the part of me being just a fucking respectable person.


I am gay, please stop treating me differently.

Codie xx


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