Waking up next to you

We spent the night drinking, and laughing. I drunk a lot more than you, as I normally do. I don’t remember much but passing out on your shoulder while we were still sat at the table with your friend.

I don’t remember walking upstairs so I can imagine it was a struggle to get my drunk ass up the stairs and into bed. I don’t remember laying down in bed. Really I don’t remember much.

But what I do remember is looking up at you while you were putting on some music and god you looked incredible. In my drunk state you still completely blew me away.

But what I do remember is spending our night fumbling around in the sheets.

But what I do remember is running my hand down your body, I have never been so thrown back with how gorgeous someones body could be.

But what I do remember is you cuddling up next to me and looking at the way your legs folded over mine.

In the morning I woke up earlier than you. I turned over and saw you laying there. Suddenly the memories of the night before came back to me. Your upper back was out of the duvet, how can someones back make me fall in love.

I looked at the way every time you breathed in the strap of your bra would slightly fall off your shoulder.

I looked at the mark I had accidentally left on your neck from the night before.

I looked at you, and I have never been so in love.

You are not the first person I have woken up next to.

But god you are the first one I have looked over at in my sleepy hungover state, and felt so lucky, so privileged, so in love.

Codie xx






One thought on “Waking up next to you

  1. Awww I’m patiently waiting to make such memories with the Woman I love! I would even drink with her and I’m not a fan of drinking.


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