This modern love

‘This modern love’ Is a book by youtuber Will Darbyshire. A lot of Youtubers have been writing books and most of them aiming towards the younger demographic. However this book, it is so stunning and completely blew me away and is nothing like other youtubers books.

I’m dyslexic and rea10-things-i-cant-live-without-5ding honestly stresses me out, so I am not a big reader, however I read a lot of reviews on this book and a lot of blogs and it was just something that I had to have, my parents got it for me for Christmas and I’ve already read it twice.

The thing I love about this, especially being dyslexic is that it is short love letters that you can read a couple then put the book down, it isn’t something with a story line that you need to read to find out the ending. This made reading a lot less stressful for me.

Will Darbyshire took submissions for this book, there were over 15,000 suthis-modern-love-3bmissions, from nearly 100 different countries. I love that about this book, it is literally something that is from all around the world. Submissions were taken in a number of ways, there were 3,099 Gmail
messages, 3,000 Tumblr messages, 58 actual sent handwritten letters, 7,924 Instagram submissions and 1,489 Tweets. This is something that not only made a beautiful book but it took over the internet.

The main age range of people who submitted for this blog were aged 16-24, The youngest person who submitted was 12, and the oldest was 81. This book is just so incredible it is a celebration of love that is celebrated by everyone, a little 12 year old kid submitted to this, that actually blows my mind because we have all been 12 and wrote little letters in the back of our school books and god I can only wish to feel how that kid feels probably getting their first crush.

So the actual book, it has three parts to it, Beginning, Middle and End.

The beginning is full of letters to peoples crushes and people who arthis-modern-love-2en’t yet in a relationship but they are already so crazy about the person. It is so nice and heart warming
to read, because when you think that real people have wrote these and submitted in, you are getting a glimpse of how starstruck that person is when they wrote this.

The Middle is thank you letters to peoples partners, people who are in a relationship and want to thank their partner for being with them and all the things that they do for them.

The end, I love sad things, I don’t know if that’s just me but something that comes from a really raw place and shows someones true emotions really gets to me and makes me want to know more and read more.

That’s the thing about this book, the letters are small snippets, I have no idea what the actual relationship is like, why it ended? But god I want to know, I want to know all the stories behind the letters I want to know everything.

If you need a new book to read, please read this one.

Codie xx



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