Blogs by other people: my mum

I am starting a new thing on my blog called , ‘blogs by other people’. This blog is by my beautiful mum

So I got a message of Codie saying “mum will you write something for my blog” and my thoughts straight away is there is no way I can write like Codie.
Then I got to thinking about it ! What could I write about
Having children young ?
Being a single parent ?
Being in a loveless marriage ?
Coping with the aftermath of sexual abuse ?
About how I have the most supportive and understanding mum ?
About the Soilder that stole my heart and made me love again ?
Then I thought no I’m going to write about Codie the oldest of my 5 children (I am proud of them all and being there mum is the best job ever ) but let’s make this about Codie !!

I fell pregnant with Codie when I was 17 the man I was dating was into drugs and I made the choice I would do it alone rather than have him around her.
She was a good baby and I was lucky that I had a very supportive family to help me. When Codie was just under a year I got my own house and not long after Russell moved in with me we made the choice that he would bring Codie up and we would not tell her any different until we had to.
Codie was a good child no real problems loved football and being outside. I say she was good that was unless she had to much sugar then it was the melt down from hell .


On her 5th birthday she had the day off school and came to work with me she fell of some blocks and broke her arm .
I’m trying to thing of some embarrassing things I can tell you ….
She would never wee on a potty she used to wee in a barney bin. She loved Barney tellytubbies and blues clues. She would sit and play with your ear to go to sleep. She used to call a dog a god. The early years were easy.
As Codie got older things got harder and I’m not proud to say some of codies problems were my doing .
I remember when she was 15 I was in the bath and she said “mum I have to tell you something I think I like girls ” my response was yes I know it makes you no different to me.
I thought about it for days how would I have told my mum ? I just think she was so brave to just come out with it and we have been very lucky that no one has had anything bad to say I tried to tell her without upsetting her that not everyone would be ok with it when she’s out in the big wide world there’s people who will give her grief for it but she said she was prepared for it .
When Codie got her first girlfriend I was happy for her again she wasn’t bothered what other people said she was happy to hold her hand in public and if people wanted to look that was fine . Aug 20th 2016 that girl broke my baby’s heart by cheating on her . What could I do to take the pain away ? Not a lot hug her cry with her tell her that she’s going hurt for a bit but it will get better and I was right lol she has met a lovely new girlfriend who makes her really happy ❤
Any one who reads codies blogs knows she went through some abuse I have never felt pain or guilt like it when this all came out and for the girls answer to be we didn’t want the kids to not have a dad and wanted you to be happy to the question why didn’t you say something broke me my girls would go through what that did so I was happy ( worse thing is I wasn’t happy I thought they had a good home life which is why I put up with what I did )
Codie went through this and still went in to finish college, make friends, get a job start driving when she could have gone in such a different direction.
In saying that when she turned 18 she did find alcohol ( yes I know she did before 18 but that meant pubs and clubs ) she’s a bloody nightmare when’s she’s drunk she’s loud and in your face but all friendly so that’s just Codie.
Codie writes these blogs to help other people and praise others and I just wanted to her to know I’m proud of you Codie Tanya King I love you and thank you for being you

Your mum xx



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