Sometimes your family wont support you

This blog is not about my family. My family are the most incredible supportive people that I have ever met. When I came out to them. They were not angry or annoyed they told me that it doesn’t change who I am, and that’s how it should be.

However I have heard a lot of different stories both online and from people I know about times their family hasn’t supported them and especially when they are talking to them about their sexuality.

I have wrote about my experience with coming out in a blog which I will link here if you want to read that, but apart from my old stepdad, my coming out process was so easy and everyone was so accepting and I couldn’t imagine being in a family where people don’t accept me. But for some people that is just how it is.

I have a friend who told me how when she came out to her family as gay they told her that she wasn’t allowed to be.

I have a friend who told me how when she came out to her family as gay they laughed at her.

I have a friend who told me how when she came out to her family as gay her dad beat her.

This literally breaks my heart because sexuality is such a small part of who someone is. These people have other qualities that are so incredible should be praised, one of them is an amazing photographer, another one is incredible at drawing, the other sings beautifully but because they are gay their family overlook these talents like they are nothing all because they like girls.

However here’s a disclaimer about coming out to your family. If you know that your family are not going to take it well, and I don’t mean seem slightly confused I mean in the sense that you are putting yourself in danger please don’t tell them yet. I know it feels like such an important thing to tell them that you are gay, but your safety is so much more important.

Coming out is not the only thing your family may not support you in. Sometimes your parents really do know best guys.

When my brother was 13 he told my mum that he was not going to chose any courses at school because none of them helped what he wanted to be when he was older. So my mum asked him, what do you want to be? My brother replied, he wanted to be a youtuber.

Now listen, we are all so supportive of one another but my mum had to bring my brother back down to reality. She told him that he can do YouTube as a hobby, alongside school and college but he has to pick some courses that he can carry out in college because he couldn’t just do nothing and hope that YouTube will work out.

My mum will always support us but she has our best interest at heart and if something needs to be said then she will say it and I think in a way this is supporting us even though it may of made my brother feel a little downhearted, my mum was really just thinking of him.

However, if you are old enough to carry out your own dreams then you get out and fucking do it. If you want to go to university but your parents want you to work full time, then you go to university, you go out and do your thing and be who you want to be. Yeah your family may not be behind you clapping you along the way.

But you will be you, and you will be happy.

Codie xx




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