I love getting trains so much. I used to go on trains every weekend because my ex lived in a different city and I don’t drive and in order to see her I had to get a train. These train journeys would be on my own, which surprisingly for someone who loves being around people, was nice.

It gave me time to just sit by myself and think, I overthink everything so having that time to myself was so nice. I have a really big family so finding time to actually be alone and basically do nothing is rare.


Putting my headphones in, listening to music, looking out the window and literally watching the world go by is something I find peace in.

Despite how much I love getting trains by myself I have had some hilarious times with my friends and my family on trains. Where I live it isn’t a big place for shopping so when I was a bit younger I used to get trains all the time with my friends so we could go shopping.

I got a train to London with my friend to go to a concert, we listened to the bands music the whole way there and danced along, not worrying if anyone else was watching.


I think it’s important to find simple things in life that bring you joy, being on trains is one of mine.

Codie xx



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