20 times I’ve cried

I saw a video on buzz feed about 15 times I’ve cried and decided to create my own.

  1. When my granddad died
  2. When I had an awful job interview
  3. When I finished watching ‘orange is the new black’
  4. When I listened to, James TW, When you love someone
  5. When I got my GCSE results
  6. When mum told me she might be moving away
  7. After my first driving lesson
  8. When I drank too much
  9. When I got cheated on
  10. Period
  11. When I came out as gay
  12. When my brother opened a present from me and was so excited
  13. When my grandma went to hospital
  14. When Adore Delano left All stars 2
  15. Visiting a nursing home
  16. When someone brought me flowers to work
  17. At a one direction concert
  18. When I left school
  19. When I saw my mum cry
  20. From laughing

Codie xx




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