What I hope to achieve in 2017

If I wrote this blog at the start of 2016 about my hopes for that year I would have a lot more to say about my mental health, my confidence, my college and my job aspirations. But in 2016 I’ve achieved a lot, I’ve got a full time job in something I love, My mental health is at the best place its ever been, my confidence is up and I finished college with a really good grade.

So I had to think really hard about this, so this is what I hope to achieve in 2017

  1. Driving. This year I hope that I am able to pass both my theory and my practical driving tests.
  2. Able to manage money better. I’ve been working full time for nearly 6 months now and every month I have got to the end of the month and had to burrow money off family because I am awful at managing my money. I hope by the end of the year I can go at least one month without burrowing money.
  3. Read more. I have recently found a book that I love and actually enjoyed reading rather than it being a chore. I hope I’m able to find more books that I find enjoyable.
  4. Meet more new people. In 2016 I have met a lot more people through night clubs, work, dates. I hope that I can carry on meeting more new people because the people who I have met in 2016 have all been incredible.
  5. Drink less. I love alcohol probably an unhealthy amount admittedly I have at least one alcoholic drink a day and this is something that is expensive and not good for my health.
  6. Go to more concerts. I only went to one concert in 2016 and that honestly makes me so sad.
  7. Spend more time with my friends. A lot of the time when I see my friends it is to drink, we are all 18-20 so drinking is still new and fun but I hope to meet up with my friends to do something that doesn’t involve me passing out by the end of it.
  8. Makeup. I love makeup, but most of the makeup I own is drugstore makeup, I want to splurge on some high end makeup, and also get better at actually doing makeup, I want to be the person who can blend eye shadow and wing eyeliner perfectly.
  9. Visit new places. In 2016 I barley left my town, in 2017 I hope to be driving so I can pick up my friends and just drive and go new places and see new things.
  10. Blog. I read something that people give up on blogging quite easily, I seriously hope that by the start of 2018 I am writing another blog like this one because this blog has been so good for me and I really want to continue doing it.

Codie xx



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