There is a lot of strong opinions about models. I was at work a few weeks ago and this topic came up in discussion. One person said that they think models are unrealistic and not real people.

I understand that opinion completely, in most/ a lot of model photos a lot of photo shopping takes place so the woman who is in the photo doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

Image result for Olga Sherer

Some opinions also say that people aspire to be exactly like models, for example there are some models who are super slim so people may try crazy diets in order to look more like this model. This also applies to plus size models and people say that it is glorifying an unhealthy way of living and may encourage people to eat more and not look after their bodies. This is something that has become more vocal since the model Tess Holliday.

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Here’s my opinion, (and it’s totally okay if you don’t agree). Most models purpose is to sell something, to sell a look, to sell fashion, to sell a piece of clothing. Sometimes we focus so much on the model where what we actually should be focusing on is the art behind modelling. There are so many different forms of modelling and sometimes we just focus on one and create a negative opinion because of it.

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I think modelling should be about confidence, showing slim girls that its okay to be slim, and that you should work it, showing plus size girls that you should loves your curves, showing people with alternative styles that its okay and they should rock their styles. Models can be seen as role models if we are looking at it from a positive point of view.

Codie xx


One thought on “Models

  1. A family member has been a model for several years now in Las Vegas. She is not skinny, just a beautiful woman. What really amazes me about her is that she balances a health conscious regimen with all the frivolous and demanding aspects of her career. She also has recently enrolled in night classes to learn computer coding. I guess you can’t model forever.


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