“Because of the way she dresses”

I was recently at my sisters boyfriends house with my family for lunch. My sisters boyfriends family were also there, they used to be friends with some old family members who are no longer family.

We got onto the topic of talking about these people and they said that they had spoken about mine and my sisters situation with our history of sexual abuse. They told us that these people had said that my sister deserved to be abused. Because of the way she dresses.

My sister was between the age of 14-16 when she was being abused. 14 TO FUCKING 16. When my sister was this age she was still in her fucking emo stage, the kid was wearing head to toe in black and the only bit of flesh that showed was the palms of her hands and her face.


9 out of 10 rapists do not go to jail. One of the reasons for this is because victims are made to think it’s their fault, that their dress was too short, that their top was too low cut. It is never the victims fault, nobody asks for this.

But even if my sister (or anyone) was wearing anything even slightly provocative, that does not any person the right to say she deserved it because of the way they dress. Girls should be able to wear whatever they want. Men walk around without t-shirts on and that’s totally okay, but a girl wearing a crop top showing an inch of belly is not allowed and is an instant excuse for people to abuse and rape.

Girls wear whatever you want. Be brave, the clothes you wear are not an invitation for sexual abuse or rape.

Codie xx


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