Friends from school

I was never really popular at school but I had a handful of really great and supportive friends. While I was at school I had to deal with loosing my granddad to cancer, sexual abuse, depression and stress because of exams.I had amazing friends who supported me through all of these situations. They would listen to me when I was upset, give me advice and just be the most perfect friends.


When I was in year 7 I had a large group of friends, everyone from my class was friends with each other and everyone would hang around with each other, I loved having that many friends, it made me feel valid and worthy enough to have friends.


Some of my best memories are  because of school, like my favourite holiday to Paris with my friends, My prom, my first time getting drunk and going to house party with all my friends from school.


However, as you grow up and go up in the school years, your friend group will get smaller, you will have more arguments causing friendships to fall apart. By the time you get to year 11 you look at the size of the group of friends you go to prom with and compare it to the group of friends you had in year 7, you may be stood with a completely different group of people.


I’m now 18 and I’m only still good friends with one person from school. I have made new friends from college and from working different places, one of my best friends is my old boss.


Now i’m 18 I see a lot of my friends from school on nights out in town, I am more friendly with people from school now, than I ever was in school. People mature and people grow so getting to catch up with someone from school to see how college or uni is going, to see why they hate their part time job so much, to see why they had a heated argument with their boyfriend last night. Just being able to catch up with someone who I was great friends with when I  was 11 is such a great feeling.


Here’s how it is, you are going to lose friends and that is totally okay, you will have petty arguments about the most stupid things because you are in school, things like 50p pasta mattered to me more than what I wanted to be when I was older. You are in school you may bullied and teased by people who used to be your friends, learn from it, grow from it. Never let friendships and arguments get in the way of you succeeding.

Codie xx



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