To your past self

I recently wrote a blog called a letter to my past self. Its quite a long, and pretty depressing blog. I wanted to expand this blog to more people and get more people to tell me what they would say to their past selves.

‘What would you say to your past self?’

to-your-past-self-1Lewis, 14- I would tell myself to change my effort in school and try harder.

to-your-past-self-2Alex, 15- I’m proud of how far you have come

to-your-past-self-3Tamzin, 16- Always say something when you feel uncomfortable or something isn’t right, don’t keep things to yourself

to-your-past-self-4 Julie, 56- Live everyday like its your last, you never know what tomorrow will hold

to-your-past-self-5 Chelsee, 18- Man up, stop crying at everything

to-your-past-self-6 Lee, 18- Treat more people how you want to be treated, don’t lose self respect when others are threatening you and just be yourself

to-your-past-self-7 Mark, 38- Work harder and save for what you want

to-your-past-self-8Ella, 20- Don’t be such a little bitch just be a decent person and you’ll get so much further that way. Don’t let yourself to be made to look/be a mug. Completely ignore what anyone thinks and just be do you. You will eventually perfect winged eyeliner so don’t let it stress you.

to-your-past-self-9 Sharon, 36- You are not to blame

to-your-past-self-10 Emily, 17- Take other peoples advice

A blog that I am wanting to write soon is ‘A letter to my future self’, so I thought I would ask these same people that question.

‘What would you say to your future self?’

to-your-past-self-1Lewis, 14-  Make sure you succeed and live a healthy life

to-your-past-self-2 Alex, 15-  Keep your head high and don’t let anything bring you down

to-your-past-self-3Tamzin, 16- Don’t spend £500 on payday again you fucking idiot

to-your-past-self-4 Julie, 56- Be happy

to-your-past-self-5 Chelsee, 18- You got this sista

to-your-past-self-6 Lee, 18- Make time for your friends, even if they are enemies,  be proud of yourself, you’ve come a long way, you’ve lived a beautiful life and experienced so many gorgeous things in life

to-your-past-self-7 Mark, 38- The future is bright, treasure the day.


to-your-past-self-8Ella, 20- Keep doing you, focus on yourself and even if it sounds selfish ALWAYS put yourself and your feelings ahead of anything or anyone

to-your-past-self-9 Sharon, 36- Hold your head up high if you want it you can achieve it

to-your-past-self-10 Emily, 17-  Don’t take life too seriously

We are constantly changing, the way we see things, the way we look, the way we act, I am not the same person I was a year ago and that is something I am proud of. I can only hope that my future self becomes an even better version of myself now.

Codie xx



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