Tattoos; updated

I’ve posted a blog about my tattoos a little while back, but since then I have got three more tattoos, so I now have five in total.

Tattoo number three;

My third tattoo was my mountains, this tattoo cost £30 and only took around 5-10 minutes, this tattoo hurt a lot more than my first tattoo because of where it is. People have asked me what it means, this tattoo really has no meaning, people have said things like “you can climb mountains” but really mountains are just pretty cool. 

Tattoo number four;

I got this tattoo straight after my mountains tattoo, again it only cost me £30. This tattoo is a matching one with my mum, all the girls in my house used to have matching necklaces with hearts on them, but we’re all basically trash because most of us have lost them. So I decided for my mums birthday I would pay for us both to get this matching tattoo. My mum is so incredible and I have spoke about her so many times on this blog but I just can’t put into words how amazing of a mum she is.  I CANNOT GET OVER HOW MUCH THIS TINY LITTLE TATTOO HURT. It took all of 1 minute but my god this tattoo hurt more than any of my other ones.

Tattoo number five;

Again this tattoo only cost me £30, it took about 5 minutes and hurt quite a bit. I was looking through old cards and I read one from my nan, my nan is so supportive and caring, she has always told me just to do my best, that’s all anyone can ask of me. As long as I try my best I will never be disappointed in myself, I have to give everything my all and my nan has always encouraged this. So I decided to get ‘Do your best’ in her handwriting.


I am so obsessed with getting tattoos and soon I will probably be covered head to toe because I am already looking to book my sixth.

Tattoos are cool as shit and I love all of mine so much

Codie xx


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