The beach

The beach is probably my favourite place to be. I recently went to Bournemouth beach and completely fell in love with it all over again. When we went the sun was just setting, we were just leaving to go to our hotel room, but god it pulled me in. We must of stayed on the beach for half an hour, doing nothing but taking photos and admiring how gorgeous it was.


My family go on lots of holidays to seaside towns and cities, I have so many good memories associated with beaches. From playing rounders on the beach with 20+ people, to burying my siblings in the sand, to eating portions of chips on the rocks while the sun was setting, and honestly just lying around, doing nothing and being completely stunned with the beauty of the sea.


I have also had some amazing memories with my friends on the beach, I went to a concert with two of my friends in Bournemouth and before we went to the concert we spent so long messing around on the beach and in the sea. We were jumping over waves, falling over and doing all this in our concert t-shirts and wearing shorts with tights. We were so uncomfortable that whole night, with sand in our shoes and trying to rip off our tights to get rid of the sand but I really wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Another one of my beach memories with my friends was before another concert. It was my first time going to Brighton, one reason I loved this day so much was because I had just started my coming out process, and going to Brighton the gay capital of England felt so right. Seeing the pride flags everywhere made me feel okay with being gay. Me and my friend spent so long throwing stones across the sea, sitting on the beach and talking about so much random shit, talking about me being gay made me feel so happy. To be able to have that experience with my best friend was so incredible.


People find beauty in so many different things, whether that be a person, a thing, or a place. Find beauty in the world, because doing that made me find beauty in myself.

Codie xx


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