Why I take so many selfies

Some people really hate the fact that some people take so many selfies, it is seen as something that is vain, and shows that someone loves themselves. But what is wrong with loving yourself? Loving yourself is not something to be ashamed of, if you can take a selfie and realise how bombing you look, then girl you work that selfie.

Honestly I think people who hate on other peoples confidence are jealous, I think that behind that shitty comment, behind that back handed compliment, behind that mutter under the breath, there is a person who is jealous. There is a person who looks at you, and aspires to be as confident as you are.


I take around 3 selfies a week. I normally do so when I am looking my best, when I have some great ass contour going on, when my highlighter is brighter than my future, when I am feeling confident. That’s another thing that comes with taking pictures of yourself. Me and my friend have always joked about this and called ourselves ‘accidental catfishes’. I do not 100% look like my pictures, I searched the house for the best lighting (in a white room is honestly the best), I have spent an hour on my makeup, I have taken 10 other selfies in order to get this perfect one. I’m sorry that I do not carry round perfect lighting with me so I can look identical to my pictures, I’m sorry that my makeup is not always perfect, I am sorry that I don’t always wear makeup, I am sorry that I couldn’t place myself for you to look at me at that perfect angle. I am human. I have flaws. I have insecurities.


My mum takes a lot of pictures and if I have taken any trait of her, it’s that. My mum is a gorgeous woman, she is a beautiful mum who has lost an incredible amount of weight, my mum is happier, and god can you see that through her selfies. If anyone was to ever tell my mum that she shouldn’t take selfies I would lose it. Mum you are incredible, I know you don’t 100% love yourself, but thank you for giving me your confidence, thank you for showing the world how beautiful you are.


For the majority of my life I have not loved myself, I could never look in the mirror and pick out a single thing that I thought was beautiful. One way I have worked on my confidence is through taking selfies. I would do my makeup and my hair and spend the time taking pictures of myself, and slowly I would start to like them more and more, slowly I started to like myself more and more. I am confident.


Call yourself beautiful every once in a while, you will soon see the change.

Codie xx


7 thoughts on “Why I take so many selfies

  1. I don’t think people equate selfies with loving oneself. I’ve seen it equated with insecurities. It’s the modern day equivalent of the girl who can’t stop looking in the mirror or glass or anywhere her reflection is.

    Of course there’s nothing wrong with looking in in a mirror, and thus nothing wrong with taking selfies. The judgement lies in how often, and where people draw the line of “too much”.

    As a side note, the most confident people I know are the ones least bothered with pictures and selfies. Never seen a hint of jealousy at their annoyance with it all. If anything, I’d be jealous of them. Anecdotal perhaps? Who knows?


    1. Okay, but this was more of me talking about why I personally take pictures of myself, It wasn’t a ‘If you are confident then you have to take photos’. I understand that everyone is different, but this blog was about my experience

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      1. I responded because the post also included an explanation for why others do things differently or disagree with your line of thought. It wasn’t just your personal experience.

        All the best.


      2. It included an explanation of why I think, and i actually used the word think, people hate on other peoples confidence. Not once in this blog did I say if you are confident upload selfies. This is my experience, and my opinion


      3. My point was that an annoyance with selfies is not always rooted in a hatred of confidence, since many of the people who do are the most confident and comfortable people I know.


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