What do you find beautiful?

I recently watched a YouTube video called, ‘What do you find beautiful?’ It was a gorgeous video with some really raw answers. However all of the people in the video seemed to be of the same age and from the same place. In this blog I will ask people of different ages and from different places (mostly Andover but I promise there are some others in there) two little questions.

What do you find beautiful?

to-your-past-self-1Lewis, 14, Andover- Popcorn and the Ocean.

what-do-you-find-beautiful-2Kiara, 17, Shoreham-By-Sea- Nature, if you can find beauty in all forms of nature, you’ll find beauty in the nature of all people.

to-your-past-self-6Lee, 18, Andover- I find everything beautiful really, marriage, birth, same sex marriage, life is beautiful as well, no matter how we treat it, it’ll always be beautiful in ways we find it.

what-do-you-find-beautiful-4 Megan, 17, Salisbury- Personality. I find that I am most attracted to people who have a great personality, who are kind hearted, funny, affectionate and confident. I’m not so much attracted to the physicality of the person, more the person themselves. I think that’s what’s beautiful, a kind hearted person, who is honest with themselves and who takes care of themselves and who respects others.

to-your-past-self-7Mark, 38, Leicester – The countryside

to-your-past-self-10Emily, 17, Stratford-upon-Avon- I think the girl I am seeing is beautiful, I think things like clothes and materialistic things are also beautiful.

what-do-you-find-beautiful-7Ciaran, 18, Amesbury – Sunrises and sunsets, a starry night, huskies, short girls, but mostly things change when I look at them, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it takes an actual look for me to realise what is beautiful.

what-do-you-find-beautiful-8Millie, 11, Andover- I think that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

albert Albert, 9, Andover-Chocolate, ice cream, chicken nuggets, flowers, marmite, shoes, lipstick and phones.

to-your-past-self-9Sharon, 35, Andover- My children

what-do-you-find-beautiful-11Alfie, 17, Andover- Cars and my dog

to-your-past-self-4Julie, 56, Andover- Lots of things, words, actions, love.

I find the way the leaves change colour in the autumn beautiful. Yesterday I was outside smoking my last cigarette and I could not help but stare at the leaves and how gorgeous the different shades of red, yellow and orange were. I got so caught up and emotional in the moment that I realised how much I love my life right now, so really I guess I find leaves beautiful.

I wanted people to answer this question however they took it, I wanted a real mixture of answers, some people talk about what they find beautiful in a love interest and others what they find beautiful in everyday life.

I then asked all these people if they think that they are beautiful.

‘Do you think that you are beautiful?’

to-your-past-self-1Lewis, 14, Andover- No

what-do-you-find-beautiful-2Kiara, 17, Shoreham-By-Sea-  No, due to how others treat me for the way I look, I don’t like how I look

to-your-past-self-6Lee, 18, Andover- I always believe that I am beautiful inside and out. I may get called ugly or horrible, nothing can bring me down.

what-do-you-find-beautiful-4Megan, 17, Salisbury- No

to-your-past-self-7Mark, 38, Leicester- Yes

to-your-past-self-10Emily, 17, Stratford-upon-Avon- No, I’ve got low confidence

what-do-you-find-beautiful-7Ciaran, 18, Amesbury- No, I hate everything that I am, the only thing I like about myself is my hair, and even on most days I don’t like that, In no way shape, size or form am I beautiful.

what-do-you-find-beautiful-8Millie, 11, Andover- I am part of everyone so I would have to say yes

albertAlbert, 9, Andover- Yes

to-your-past-self-9Sharon, 35, Andover- No

what-do-you-find-beautiful-11Alfie, 17, Andover- No

to-your-past-self-4Julie, 56, Andover- No

Out of these 12 people only 4 of them think that they are beautiful. The two youngest people I asked thought that they are beautiful. So when does that stop why suddenly do people start hating themselves, why do people suddenly stop seeing the beauty in themselves.

I told everyone of these people that I think that they are beautiful, I know these people for all different reasons, some of them are my family, some are friends, some are ex lovers and some are just old dates. But whoever you are, whatever you have done and whatever paths you have crossed you should never stop seeing the beauty in yourself.

You are beautiful.

Codie xx


4 thoughts on “What do you find beautiful?

  1. Hi Codie, I’m the channel host and one of the main creators from the We Choose Beautiful video and I love what you took away from it 🙂 Thank you for expanding it to a wider group of people. Really well done ❤


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