Since I have been single I have used tinder so much. The second my ex broke up with me I started swiping people again.

I have met some really great and lovely people on tinder, I have met people who I really liked and felt an actual connection with and I have met people who were a complete waste of my time.

Since being single I have met 6 different people on tinder, 4 of those dates have actually gone quite well and I have met someone who I can hold a conversation with and have a couple of dates that I actually enjoyed. One of my dates gave me 8 cigarettes before she left and if that isn’t wife material then I don’t know what is. Another one of my dates loved chicken nuggets just as much as I do.

However I have been on two incredibly boring dates where I just wanted it to end so I could go home. One of these dates spent the whole night telling me about this girl that he really liked, asking me for advice and he told me (5 ft 8 Codie) that he only goes for short girls. Another one of my dates barley looked at me, let alone spoke to me.

However one of my favourite things about tinder is the cheesy chat up lines that people send, honestly some of them make my day.

This one is one of my personal favourites.


Just a typical cringe worthy tinder message.


Just in case your wondering, yes I gave her my number.


Not too sure if this one was a chat up line or more of an instruction.


And finally, probably the best tinder message I have ever received.


I take all chat up lines very light hearted, I think they’re funny so if you ever want to start a conversation with me, hit me up with your best.

But I also had some really nasty messages sent to me, here is the most recent one from one guy. Now I normally crop out peoples names and pictures, but for this guy I really do not care. (I am also very sorry about the swearing).





This guy was 28, I am 18, he was talking to me like I was a piece of shit on his shoe, and this is all because I didn’t want to talk dirty to him. Because he had finally been rejected by someone and he obviously did not know how to handle it. But this happens a lot, this is not the first time someone has turned nasty to me and called me fat, because of something like, I wont agree to meet them or I wont send them pictures of myself.

I do not think meeting people off tinder is a bad thing, like I’ve said before, I have met some really great people off tinder, and my fair share of ass holes too. I met my ex on a dating app, and we were together for a year and a half, it doesn’t make your relationship any less valid because you met them on a dating app. However you find someone you really care about does not matter.

My only advice for tinder is that you stay safe, please be careful when you are meeting people, I make sure that I call someone multiple times before meeting them and also face time or snapchat them so that I know they are who they say they are, it is so easy for someone to lie to you on these apps.

Be careful

Codie xx


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