There are so many sexualities it is incredible. I always used to think that there was four sexualities and that was it, then tumblr opened up my little 14 year old eyes and introduced me to this community of people who identify differently because they feel that straight, gay, lesbian and bi does not accurately describe their sexuality. So today I thought that I would write a blog just mentioning a few of them because who knows someone reading this may have also thought the same as 14 year old me.

Lets start of easy.


You all know what straight is, this is someone of one gender  who is romantically and sexually attracted to the other gender. (I KNOW THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO GENDERS SO GIVE ME TWO SECONDS AND I’LL SIMPLIFY). So, a woman who is only attracted to men, and a man who is only attracted to women.


This is men who are both sexually and romantically attracted to other men. However I know that lesbians sometimes call themselves gay too, I am more than guilty of doing this, however the actual definition of Gay is a man attracted to a man.


A women who is sexually and romantically attracted to other women only. Again this one is pretty simple and I’m sure you’ve all heard of it.


Someone who is attracted to both male and female. This works both ways, a guy who is sexually and romantically attracted to males and females, and a girl who is sexually and romantically attracted to males and females too.

Now lets get a little more complicated.


This is someone who does not have any desire to have sex. However they may still like the romantic side of relationships. This also expands into Gay Asexuals, Lesbian Asexuals, Bi Asexuals and Straight Asexuals.

Pansexual and Omnisexual 

Someone who is attracted to all genders. I know what you are thinking, that’s Bisexual right? When they say all genders this includes, Male, Female, Transgender, Gender fluid and all the other genders that people identify by.


Now this one sounds very much like Pansexual and Omnisexual, Polysexual is someone who is attracted to more than one gender, hold up let me explain. Being attracted to more than one gender is not the same as being attracted to all genders, for example, someone may be attracted to Females and Transgender Females, but not attracted to men. Poly means many, whereas pan means all.


This one is pretty simple, some who wants to explore their sexuality, it may be someone who has always identified as a straight woman and has never had sex with a girl and is unsure if that is something they are interested in, therefore wanting to explore.


There is a little bit of a debate for this one. Someone who identifies as Demisexual does not feel sexual attraction unless they have a strong emotional bond for the person. Now this is where the debate is, some people say this is just having morals, people think that this sexuality is a choice and that they choose to hold back on sex until they are in a committed relationship. BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A QUICK LITTLE FUCK AND CHUCK. So lets not shit on peoples choices okay, its their body and if they choose to have sex with people, they can, and this goes the other way, if people choose not to have sex, they also can. I think that there is a big difference between being Demisexual and choosing to wait until being in a relationship to have sex.

There are literally so many more sexualities that I could talk about however I do not know everything about them so it’s probably not the best idea if I do.

You can identify as anything you want, people ask me a lot if I am a lesbian or if I am Bisexual, and honestly I do not fully know, when people ask me, I normally say ‘Oh I’m 70-30’. So basically I’m 70% for girls and 30% for guys, and its mad because that’s not a sexuality but it’s so much easier to say that and identify as that than trying to explain how I feel.

You also do not need to identify as anything! There are so many good role models out there who do not identify who say they are just human and don’t understand the need to identify! (don’t let that put you off though, if you want to identify as lesbian or gay or fucking anything then you get out there and do it!)

In the end we are all human.

Codie xx



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