Teaching kids about being gay

We are slowly becoming a more welcoming, loving and understanding world. I honestly feel blessed that I was brought up in a time with more accepting people, who accept mine and others sexuality. I could never imagine being afraid to walk down a street holding a girls hand. I think its sad that there was a time where people were afraid. BUT LOOK HOW FAR WE HAVE COME, US GAY LITTLE THINGS CAN GET MARRIED FOR FUCK SAKE. The world is changing and no it’s not perfect yet and who knows if it ever will be perfection. But in my opinion, it starts with teaching kids.

I would never educate someone else’s siblings or children about being gay. It is not my place to do so. I will always respect other peoples opinions, no matter if I think it’s a piece of shit.

I work with kids and the other day a girl came up to me and told me ‘Girls can love girls, and boys can love boys’ and it was so refreshing to hear. Because it showed me that the parent of this amazing little kid was not covering her eyes to this world that’s happening around her, it showed me that the parent was telling her kid that girls can love girls and boys can love boys and that’s fucking okay, and it’s fucking happening! This is our world now, and when this little kid grows up who knows how our world is going to be, I can only hope it gets better because of so many amazing open eyed parents who are educating their children to be accepting and to be loving.

When I first told my little brother Albert that I had a girlfriend he didn’t understand, he must have been 6 or 7 at the time, so I didn’t expect him to understand. Up until this point he didn’t know that girls could love each other. He had a mum and he had a dad, so in his eyes this is how it’s supposed to be, one guy and one girl. For a while I would ask him ‘are you okay with me having a girlfriend?’. For a long time he would look at me confused and say, ‘It just doesn’t make sense, two girls just isn’t right’. At the time I was so frustrated with him, why couldn’t he understand that I loved my girlfriend, why didn’t he understand that it was okay! Now I look back and I think I was too harsh on him, he was only six and this was his first time hearing the word gay, this was the first time he saw two girls kiss, this was the first time he saw two girls love. Now Albert is 9, I ask him now, ‘what do you think about gays?’, and he says to me something as simple as, ‘it’s okay’. He may not understand fully, but he gets it, I am so glad my little brother will grow up accepting people, not bullying them because of their sexuality, he is part of the future.


Kids are literally the future, lets make theirs happier and more accepting than our grandparents and parents past.

Codie xx


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