I thought i’d take a break from my deep blog and talk about one of my favourite things in the world. Concerts.

I adore concerts, I love the hype and the countdown waiting for a concert, I love the feeling of screaming from the top of your lungs to your favourite songs, I love the random conversations you have with other people at the concert, everything about concerts I love. I feel like I am my most happiest at a concert jamming away to cheesy songs.

Another thing I love about concerts is how everyone just lets go, no one cares if your singing sounds good, no ones cares how you look with one arm in the air pumping it at the same time as the beat of the music.

I have been to 7 concerts, and they are all typical white girl concerts that you’d expect me to go to; so I have been to

  • JLS
  • One direction
  • Conor Maynard
  • 5 seconds of summer (twice)
  • The vamps
  • Ed Sheeran

I told you. But I love it, I know every single word to every single song and I don’t have to pretend that I don’t enjoy their music just because it’s one direction. Instead I can stand there in my concert T-shirt and let my inner Niall Horan girl escape.

I have a concert buddy through and through, Chelsee has been to all of these concerts with me apart from Ed Sheeran (Instead I went with my cousin, sister and uncle). She is my favourite person to go to concerts with and it’s because we are just on the same level with concerts we buy the merch together we fangirl all day long listening to their songs on the train ride to the stadium. I could not imagine spending my time ruining my voice with anyone else.


So I thought i’d share with you my first concert experience, It was with Chelsee (of course) and we were going to see JLS. We must have been about 12-13, our mums dropped us off but they did not stay at the concert with us. The concert was at Winchester bowl, and never being to a concert before and not having the brains to look it up me and Chelsee just assumed that it was in a stadium like the 02. Nah, nope, not at all. It was like a field, may I add that it was pouring it down this day and there me and Chelsee were in our JLS fan tops in the pouring rain while everyone else had welly boots, raincoats and umbrellas. We soldiered on and managed to get quite close to the stage, when Chelsee then said I need a wee so I was like cool okay, so we left our spot to go for a wee. We didn’t realise that when you leave a spot, you are not getting back there, so we spent the whole concert stood at the very back. (I still haven’t let Chelsee forget about it now).

However the worst thing about the concert was the traffic trying to get out, we called our mums and told them that the concert had finished, so they said stay where you are and we will be there in 10 minutes, so we did. Then an hour passed. Still no mum. We called them and they said walk up to the very last lamp post, apparently the traffic was so bad their car had not moved in that whole time. So we walked to what we thought was the last lamp post, and our mums were not there. Being 12 me and Chelsee were now in tears thinking that we lost our mums forever. We asked the concert staff for help but no one even listened to us let alone helped. Our phones were dying and we were so worried, so we decided to carry up walking up this never ending trail of cars, we walked for about 10 more minutes and then we saw our mums and I kid you not, it was like a scene out a romance movie I ran to my mum arms open wide and Chelsee did the same, all four of us crying our eyes out.

So that’s the story of when I cried like a little bitch at a concert.

And finally, my favourite part of concerts. The lights. When a slow song comes on and everyone in the stadium pulls out their phone turns on their torch and sways it slowly while belting out the lyrics. It is such an indescribable feeling, all I can say is it gives me goosebumps every time.

Keep doing things you love, let yourself loose.

Codie x


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