I have dyslexia, my first issue with it is that i can never spell dyslexia, why do they make it such a hard word to spell, considering the people who suffer with it struggle with spelling and reading.

It wasn’t till I was 16 and in college when I got tested for dyslexia. This means I got no help in school, not with my homework, course work or even GCSE exams. If they know you have dyslexia in school they give you extra time, I did not get this. Therefore I did struggle in some of my exams and I was not able to finish exams because I was spending so long trying to decipher what the question was asking me. Let alone actually answering it.

I did a lot better in coursework than I did in my exams and that’s probably because I had as much time as I needed to read, write, check and take my time. For example in some of my coursework i got A’s, but then in the actual exam i would get an E so it lowered my overall grade.

Something I was told at college when they told me I have dyslexia is that it costs secondary schools money to get pupils tested for dyslexia, however colleges do not have to pay. So if schools can get away with not getting a pupil tested they will. Which I think is so unfair on peoples learning, because if I had got tested when I was in school I could of come out with even better grades because I would have gotten more support. This is something i think needs changing in the education system.

Even though I did not receive any help I am still very happy with all the grades I got, I got B’S and C’s in everything. Therefore getting my 5 GCSE’s to get into my college course. Where I then went on to study Level 3 childcare, This course was 3 A levels. I got a B, at A level which is something I am so happy with.

Some people pass dyslexia off as something that is not really a struggle, because it is so common, some people think that it must not be that hard. However when this Gif came out I remember so many people sharing it on Facebook saying how difficult it was, like people were finally understanding that it is a struggle and can be so severe in some people where they literally cannot read.


When I was told that i had dyslexia for a while it did effect me emotionally. To start off with I was so upset, like it somehow affected my self worth and that it made me ‘stupid’. I instantly thought that I should not be on a Level 3 course, I did not feel like I was smart enough for it. I was also so angry at my school because they could have given me so much extra support and I could have gotten even better GCSE’s. However, after a while, I accepted it, I felt proud of myself, because this is something that could of pulled me back but It didn’t I came out the other side with great results both from college and from school. It was a bump in the road, not a brick wall stopping me from moving on and up.

The thing that helped me the most when I found out I have dyslexia is my college tutor suggested to me using a blue piece of film over any text on books and computer screens that I wanted to read. It made the letters seem less jumpy and fuzzy and made it a lot easier to read.

If you set your mind on something and you really want it, nothing will stop you. Nothing can stop you from getting where you want to be, you are smart enough, you can do it. I am now working my dream job and I could not be happier.

Bumps in the road, not brick walls, don’t give up.

Codie x


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