I will be the first to jump up and say that I love alcohol. I love the confidence it gives me I love how numb it makes me feel, I love the that for a few hours I  just completely let myself be; I let myself dance, I let myself laugh, I let myself live. I don’t have anything holding me back.

The first time I went out in a club I turned up completely sober, this was my first mistake. My second was turning up in clothes that i didn’t feel good in and that I did not feel confident in. For the first hour I hated it, I just wanted to go home. But as soon as the drink’s started kicking in, I let myself go, I enjoyed myself. Something I’ve learnt from that night is always pre-drink, and go out looking gorgeous and feeling it!

However something I’ve realised is there are different types of drinking, drinking for different reasons:

Different types of drinking:

  • Drinking to fit in
  • Casual drinking
  • Drinking to have a good time
  • Sad drinking

Drinking to fit in. I have defiantly done this, being under 18 and honestly I didn’t really have an interest for drinking but its what all my friends were doing and I just wanted to fit in I didn’t want to sit aside and watch everyone do something that I wasn’t involved in.

Casual drinking. This is the occasional fruit cider or two while you’re having a meal  with your family because apparently now that your 18 everyone has to casually drink? You want a glass of coke?? God no, you’re 18 now kid so here’s a vodka and coke, get that down your neck, you’ve waited 18 years for this don’t throw it away just yet.

Drinking to have a good time. This is the drinking I’ve spoke about, to let go, to feel more confident so that you can get on that dance floor and show everyone your awful singing and dancing but you don’t care because you look around and everyone else is doing the exact same thing. You look around and everyone is smiling, laughing, singing, dancing, just having a good time.


And finally, Sad drinking. Unfortunately I’ve also been through this, I’ve drunk just to feel numb for a little while, so that i don’t have to worry about any problems in my life, the drinking on your own in your room at 4 am. The sort of drinking that doesn’t make you feel confident. Just Numb.

Everything comes in moderation though guys, make sure that you are putting your safety and well being first!

Love, Codie x


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