I got my first tattoo a week after my 18th birthday. I knew I wanted at least one tattoo being a star. This is because when my Grandad passed away we had told the younger children in my family that Grandad has gone to the sky to be a star. I remember looking out the window with my little brother and he’d look for the biggest and brightest star because he thought that the biggest star must be for Grandad. I booked my tattoo when I was still 17 because i knew how badly I wanted it.

The tattoo only took about 30 minutes and cost £50. This tattoo I felt almost no pain of course it was slightly uncomfortable at times but I wouldn’t describe it as pain. I loved getting my tattoo and i was already thinking about what to get next. 13522013_1315747408439960_8052223044941638904_n

My second Tattoo has no meaning at all, some people have asked me if its like a tree of life, but honestly i just wanted a tree. I was scrolling through pictures on google of tattoos and i saw a picture of this and i wanted it, after seeing the picture i booked my tattoo 2 minutes later. My second Tattoo took slightly longer than my first, around about an hour and cost me £60. I got this tattoo on my leg and let me tell you it hurt like a bitch. It was nothing like my first tattoo (even though i love it) and honestly when I walked out of the tattoo shop i thought that was it, I had been put off.


But obviously not for long. I have already booked my third tattoo. Me and my mother and my sister have been through a lot. So we decided we will all get matching tattoos. My sister is still only 16 so she can’t get one just yet but for my mums birthday in November i have booked us in to get our matching tattoo of two interlocking hearts. I’m going to get mine on my left leg and my mum wants to get hers on her wrist. And honestly I’m so excited to get this tattoo, I’ve definitely got the tattoo fever.

My mum was a fine with me getting tattoos as my mum has quite a lot of them. However we both share the same views that we thought mine should be covered. This is because I work with children and I don’t want any parents or any of my work peers to have a negative view on me because of my tattoos. I know tattoos don’t make you a bad person but there’s a lot of strong opinions who would say otherwise. However talking to my work peers quite a lot of them have tattoos too but have them covered for the same reasons.

So get out there and get yourself some rad tattoos guys, don’t be afraid of the pain or what others may think, if you want it you go get it.

Love, Codie x


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